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Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

18.80 SGD

Are you lost when it comes to your personal finances?

Are you concerned about the quality of advice given by “financial advisors” and “commissioned agents” who are more interested in their financial being than yours?

Are you looking for unbiased advice on your personal finances, preferably from someone who will not earn money from selling financial products?

Are you trying to develop an independent opinion of the financial markets today?

Written for beginners, Sowing your Seeds of Prosperity breaks the development of financial intelligence down into five simple modules and equips you with the skills necessary to navigate the complex world of financial markets and investment securities.

What you can learn from this book:

·         How to play the right financial game and focus on the basic fundamentals of wealth management?

·         How you can manage your career and various ways to earn more money?

·         Learn techniques on saving money that is customized for your style and personality?

·         Understand the different types of insurance products and how to buy insurance without the influence of a commissioned sales agent?

·         How to crystallize your goals and build a legacy with your wealth for future generations?

·         How to develop a financial philosophy and test your ideas against other financial gurus that you will meet in the future?

Sow the Seeds of Prosperity and invest in your future financial independence today!