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Harvesting the Fruits of Prosperity

Harvesting the Fruits of Prosperity

18.80 SGD

Does you life revolve around money?

Do you long for more happiness?

Do you find yourself working very hard only to find that you have to work even harder to obtain the lifestyle that you deserve?

Harvesting the Fruits of Prosperity holds the secrets to Financial Independence, a blissful state of financial peace and freedom from the unreasonable demands of modern urban life.

Take the challenge to attain your financial independence!

By accumulating enough passive income from growing a portfolio of investments, you too, can find that your daily expenses can be met by dividends automatically credited into your bank account month after month. You would never have to worry about losing your job again!

What you can learn from this book :

Ways to cope with a society which adopts the principles of Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Capitalism.

  • The skills that are required to survive in the workplace of the future.
  • The central philosophies which facilitate the retention and creation of wealth.
  • How to tackle your insurance agent and how you should manage your CPF savings.
  • How to attain your Financial Nirvana: a state where your basic needs are met by dividends earned from the local stock exchange.
  • How to invest in the stock market.
  • How to find personal happiness.

Harvest the Fruits from your Tree of Prosperity by buying this book now and break free from the rigorous demands of modern living!